Every single child feels the underlying desire to explore, yet many of us lose this feeling with age. For us it’s still alive and kicking. We both nourished it, and so one day we arrived in Asia where we got to know one another. Although the two of us possess completely contrasting characters, we share the same outlook on life. This gave birth to our idea which is embodied by Zai Level. 

Zai Level promotes freedom; we like to think about ourselves as its ambassadors. Freedom through travelling and exploring the unexplored. Freedom from fear and anxiety. We also promote courage in the wake of everything that holds you back.

Each of us struggle with our own fears daily. We hope to encourage everyone to seize the moment; to go out and engage with the world, despite the obstacles. This is what we’re trying to do at least. And for that reason, we created this brand.

The Chinese character 世 (shi) constitutes the logo of our brand. It symbolises life and the world. Zài can be translated as 'to be at'. To us, it signifies presence; the will to turn up and embrace the moment boldly and unabashed.

Through Chinese calligraphy which carries both beauty and meaning, we express how we perceive the world. China’s rich culture is our main source of creativity.


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