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Clothe Your Character


Without context, words have no meaning.

Each Chinese word or character on our clothing is hand-picked and selected for its meaning within the realms of Chinese philosophy, daily life or comedy, be it historic or contemporary.

Whether you’re learning the language or exploring the country and its culture, we invite you to have a look around for something that represents you and your dreams.

In short, we invite you to,
“Clothe Your Character”.

The T-shirt just arrived yesterday. It’s amazing! Please make more designs!
— Raoul, Germany
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China is not our only passion! We’re also obsessed with creating. The tools, the people and even the late night brainstorming. Everyone and everything involved are all centered around producing something just a little more perfect.

Which is why if you’re not completely satisfied, then we aren’t either.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love your order that we offer a full refund guarantee to anyone who is not completely happy with their purchase.

That’s right, 100% satisfaction or your money back.

I got the black one. Looks good both on girls and boys. Highest quality and very comfy to wear.
— Aleksandra, Poland
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Clothe Your Character

 Zai Level 在世界上。

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